Since 2008, Winsights Marketing has worked hard to help our clients elevate their business to the next level. We strive to provide “game changing” planning, innovation, and business optimization services. Our goal is build long lasting relationships with our clients by helping them identify and realize new growth opportunities.

Here are some testimonials about how Winsights Marketing has helped our clients:

“Kevin is a classical marketer with street sales savvy. He has an uncanny knack for discovering consumer need gaps, developing innovative products & programs, and successfully launching them in the marketplace. He can translate strategy into winning action.”
Ron Johnson, Executive Vice President of International Licensing at Nickelodeon
“Kevin brings a unique balance of sales and marketing skills to every challenge. The combination of his history of success and overall broad base of experiences in the CPG industry, make him a prized possession for any company. He is a forward looking manager and able to bring new concepts to life successfully. Great strategist.”
J. Ronald Frump, Former CEO of Nitta Casings Inc., CEO of R.L. Schreiber, Inc.
“Winsights Marketing was instrumental to helping us develop a business plan and go to market strategy for the domestic, retail introduction of the Deli Halal brand. With their assistance, we were able to develop a prospectus to attract investment capital for commercialization of our brand. Winsights Marketing went the extra mile to make sure we got the plan we needed to be successful.”
Chris Barnett, Founder & President at Deli Halal, LLC
“Kevin is among today’s elite marketing talents. He has a proven understanding of how consumers think and truly knows how to navigate the often precarious path to marketplace success.”
Brian Muldoon, President at Buchta-Muldoon Brand Consultancy

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