Is Your Sales Team Performing At Its Peak?

Winsights Marketing understands that a successful growth strategy or new product introduction lives or dies based on sales execution. That’s why we take a keen interest in working closely with your sales team and getting their input on potential new initiatives. We also like to go on key account calls to get direct feedback from your customers. We believe that sales, customer, and consumer feedback are critical touch points in any major new marketing initiatives.

Unlike many marketing consultants, we cut our teeth in retail account sales. We have over 12 years of experience in key account sales, sales operations, and sales executive capacities.

Identify Missed Opportunities And Areas For Improvement.

In past engagements, we have helped our clients develop better sales forecasting models, fact based sales training, and sales organization structures. We have developed numerous sales presentations, sales collateral, and CRM tools. Our philosophy is that a well informed sales forces is a much more effective sales force. Our hands on approach to the sales execution aspect of business distinguishes us from many other marketing consultants in the industry.

Our sales training and planning capabilities include:

  • Five Steps of Persuasive Selling Training
  • How to Handle Customer Objections
  • Account Specific Sales Forecasting Models
  • Nielsen and IRI training modules
  • Sales Collateral and Merchandising Tools
  • Sales Organization Design

Ready To Strengthen Your Sales Team?

Find out how our sales planning and training expertise can help you improve your sales force results. Contact us today at (813) 635-6013 to discuss your unique needs.