In recent years, there has been tremendous consolidation in the consumer packaged goods industry. This had put increasing pressure on companies to reduce SG&A costs to help pay down debt associated with these acquisitions. As a result, Marketing and R&D resources have been reduced and outsourced. This has made it much more difficult for marketing executives to develop and commercialize innovative new products.

The most successful CPG companies report that they are generating more than 25% of their profits from new products introduced in the past five years. A robust pipeline of new products is critical for the health of your business. This is where Winsights Marketing can help. Our range of services includes:

  • Ideation & Concept Development
  • Market and Consumer Research
  • Product Development & Research
  • New Product Go-To-Market Plans and Forecasting
  • Introductory Brand Marketing Support

Did you know…

For best in class consumer goods companies, it generally takes 100 new product ideas to produce seven viable new product concepts and one commercialized product line.

Winsights Marketing can help augment your new product development (NPD) efforts by providing assistance in Ideation, Concept Development, Market Research & Testing, Validation, and Commercialization. We employ rigorous NPD disciplines to make sure only the most innovative and viable new product concepts make it to commercialization.

SOURCE: Dr. Robert Cooper Stage Gate New Product Development Funnel

We work closely with your marketing team to help them create a detailed, new product critical path. In addition, we can expedite the process by engaging outside R&D and Market Research resources. The result is a more efficient and successful NPD process.

As an example, the recent case study to the right describes how we jump started the NPD process for a baking products company in North Carolina.

Case Study

Challenge: A regional baking products client was experiencing declining retail grocery sales due to a lack of new products, outdated package design, and eroding grocery store distribution.

Winsights Marketing Results: Introduced 10 new products, redesigned packaging on 30 SKU’s, and expanded distribution at Food Lion, Wal*Mart, and regional grocery chains resulting in over $1 million in incremental annual sales. We implemented a performance based trade promotions, aligned sales & production forecasting. We also provided sales training and IRI fact based presentations that generated significant increases in merchandising while saving $ millions in trade spending and supply chain costs.

Launch Out Of The Gate With Your Best Foot Forward.

Find out how our NPD knowledge and expertise can help your new product establish it’s foothold in the marketplace. Contact us today at (813) 635-6013 to discuss your unique needs.