The average American is exposed to over 5,000 advertising and promotional messages per day. With all that clutter, it is critical that you have an integrated marketing communications plan.

The Winsights Marketing team has almost 30 years of Marketing Communications experience with national, regional, and local brands. We believe that to be successful, your brand message needs to be consistent across all contact points. To break through all the media clutter, research shows that the most powerful marketing campaigns have three common elements:

  • Brand message that dramatizes the consumer benefit (e.g. White Lily floating biscuit)
  • It juxtaposes your brand from that of the competition (e.g. Uncola)
  • Utilization of common theme line on packaging, advertising, and promotional elements (e.g. Geico’s give me 15 minutes and we will save you 15% or more)

Your On Demand Marketing Department.

Our team utilizes a proven 360 degree branding methodology to help our clients outline a clear marketing communications strategy. We then synthesize that into a creative strategic brief that your advertising team can use to create breakthrough creative and design. That creative needs to be in alignment with your brand positioning and identity.  Furthermore, it is critical that it is delivered consistently across all consumer touch points including packaging, sales collateral, social media, digital marketing, advertising, as well as internal corporate communications.

Winsights Marketing has extensive affiliate relationships with package designers, website designers, creative directors, bloggers, advertising and PR agencies, and host of other freelance creative talent. We also have years of experience in developing media plans for local, regional, and national brands. We can help you “fish where the fish are” and get the best ROI on your advertising investment.

Is Your Marketing On Point And Successful?

It doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion. Find out how our marketing communications expertise can help you identify opportunities to improve sales. Contact us today at (813) 635-6013 to discuss your unique needs.