Small business is the lifeblood of the American economy. Entrepreneurs are great at creating new products and services. However, the days of “Build it and they will come” are long gone. If an entrepreneur wants to secure funding and investment capital to commercialize their new product line or service, they will need a business plan.

Many of Winsights Marketing clients are small and medium size consumer products companies that need help in this area. Our team helps you assess the marketplace to determine the environmental, industry, competitive, and consumer dynamics of the categories you wish to compete in. We also look at internal organization capabilities to identify where strengths and weaknesses are. This helps to reveal the best path to market.

We complete the plan by creating a detailed tactical plan, resources required, sales forecasts, and financial statements. As an example, we recently helped a promising deli meat & cheese company create a business plan and prospectus that helped them secure financing to launch their brand in retail channels in North America.

In addition, we have developed strategic growth plans for larger, more mature companies that help better leverage their core competencies and take advantage of voids in the market place. At a more tactical level, some of our clients have requested detailed brand marketing and sales plans as part of their annual operating plan process. Our planning capabilities include the following:

  • Strategic Growth Plans
  • Business Plans
  • Brand Marketing Plans
  • Go-To-Market Sales Plans
  • Annual Operating Plans and Sales Forecasts

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Case Study

Challenge: An international exporter of halal-certified deli meat and cheeses, aspires to market their consumer branded products in North America. The company lacks a business plan/prospectus to raise capital from outside investors to fund domestic introduction of their promising deli brand.

Winsights Marketing Results: After significant research and discovery, we developed a five year business plan/prospectus identifying a roadmap for the company to achieve sales of $24.5 million and $2.2 million in EBIT by 2020. This comprehensive business plan helped our client successfully secure investment capital to fund their market expansion into the United States.