There are many “orphan brands” in the market place. These orphan brands were once great brands that have faded due to lack of innovation, marketing communications, and consumer relevancy.

At Winsights Marketing, we are brand zealots. We excel in helping under leveraged brands reach their full potential.

Using our proprietary DIEM process, we conduct a brand audit to determine the current state of your brand. Our team assesses the brand image and identity, brand appearance, brand benefit, and brand competence. We then work with your team to develop a more compelling brand positioning. Together, we then ensure that all visual/verbal elements of the brand are in alignment with this new positioning and are compelling to the consumers.

Our involvement doesn’t stop there. We can assist our clients in hiring a best in class package design team to create a new package design and logo that will bring this new brand identity to life. Below is an illustration of the brand identity process:

Positioning Drives Brand Identity

SOURCE: Modified from David Aaker’s “Building Strong Brands”

Stand Out From Your Competition.

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