We offer a complimentary one hour business consultation to all new, prospective clients. We know that engaging with an outside consultant is a decision that is not made without considerable due diligence. Our initial one hour consultation gives you an opportunity to understand how we approach a business challenge and get an outside perspective. If there is interest, we can follow up with an business engagement proposal?
Our forte is in planning, innovation, and business optimization. We are forward thinking marketers who have a passion for building strong, differentiated brands. After understanding all the dynamics impacting your current business, our goal is to assist our clients in identifying new, more profitable paths to growth that will differentiate them from their competition.
Kevin Janiga is the driving force behind Winsights Marketing. In most cases, he will be the primary person you deal with on a day to day basis. We don’t assign any inexperience, junior associates to handle your business. Winsights Marketing does have a broad range of affiliate partners with specialized expertise in creative, package design, website design & hosting, supply chain, IT, finance, research & development, and digital marketing/social media. We will recommend that our clients utilize these external resources as needed to help bring major new initiatives to fruition. This freelance model eliminates costly overhead and ensures the best ROI on your marketing dollar.
Winsights Marketing is a big believer in face to face interaction with clients and their teams. We try to spend at least a few days each month at our client’s offices or out in the field. We believe it is important to learn all aspects of our clients business from manufacturing, supply chain, sales, marketing, and finance where the “rubber meets the road”. This helps us to provide better advice.
Before any consulting engagement, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive proposal with clear deliverables. The proposal will include a scope of work which will outline clear deliverables and a timeline for completion. Successful engagements require a clear scope of work, client expectations, and quantifiable deliverables.
We prefer to work on a project basis or monthly retainer. Our fee structure depends on the size of the company, the scope of work, number of consulting hours projected, and potential impact on the business. Our goal is to give our clients a 100% plus ROI on their consulting fee investment.

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