Executive Summary

Deli Halal LLC (Deli Halal) is a distributor and marketer of Halal certified meats and cheeses sold in both domestic and international markets. Based in Olathe, Kansas, the brand has recently caught the Middle East markets by storm with its initial distribution into grocery stores in Kuwait and nearby Arab countries. With over 5.7 million Muslim Americans in the United States and few Halal certified food products available, Deli Halal is positioned well to fill a significant void in the U.S. marketplace.

logo-deli-halal-230x160Deli Halal is American owned and operated. The management team has significant experience in various import/export businesses with an enviable network of distributors and retailers across the Middle East. Deli Halal has been very successful in exporting Halal products to Kuwait and other parts of the Arab world. While nurturing this export business, it became increasingly apparent that there was significant void in the American marketplace for Halal products, particularly Halal certified meats and cheeses.


The Deli Halal management team wanted to launch the brand into North American retail grocery channels but lacked the investment capital to support a national launch. They recently secured distribution with a major Northeast grocery retailer to test market their products this Fall. In order to raise capital, a business plan and prospectus was required to secure financing.


Winsights Marketing was retained to develop a comprehensive business plan and prospectus. We used industry sources and secondary data to create account specific, five year sales forecasts for all major retail food chains. In collaboration with the Deli Halal management team, we provided a detailed go to market plan including product, pricing, promotion, and placement strategies.. Winsights Marketing helped to streamline the product portfolio into four main promotable product groups. The Deli Halal logo was updated and a new corporate website created. A comprehensive business plan and corresponding prospectus with five year financials was delivered to the client.


The Deli Halal management team has presented their business plan to a number of venture capital firms and angel investors with an enthusiastic response. They are currently negotiating terms for a significant infusion of investment capital to support their national retail launch.

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