Using our extensive network of blue chip affiliates, we can offer support in a number of areas:

Consultant Input

  • Marketing & business plans
  • Partner & channel acquisition
  • New product development & launch
  • Package design
  • Advertising and consumer promotion
  • Account specific marketing
  • Creative and media planning
  • Market research
  • Sales & marketing organization design
  • Licensing & strategic alliances
  • Private equity & VC sourcing
  • Business transition plans

Client Benefits

  • Increase profits thru strategic positioning
  • Expand distribution & customer base
  • Increase sales & gross margin
  • Greater impulse sales at shelf
  • Build awareness, trial, & brand equity
  • Increase sales and customer loyalty
  • Optimize marketing spending
  • Deeper consumer insights
  • Build strong, cohesive teams
  • Expand sales, leverage co-branding
  • Secure funding for expansion
  • Maximize value for shareholders

Read these case studies:

For many small and medium size businesses, outsourcing some marketing department functions just makes financial sense. Get all the advantages of a fully staffed marketing department without the fixed overhead. Marketing is the face of your company. With so much at stake, doesn’t it make sense to seek the assistance of a seasoned marketing professional? Contact us today at (813) 635-6013 for a free consultation.