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What should I delist to make room for new products?

So many buyers just look just at unit or dollar movement, and delist products based on those parameters. Recent SKU rationalization missteps at some of the nation’s largest grocery retailers should serve notice about the folly of this train of thought. The key to any new product is incrementality – how much incremental sales and [...]

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What should I be looking for in a new product?

Most major food manufacturers are developing new products based along three strategic platforms: Health & Wellness Convenience Indulgence As a buyer, these platforms should be prioritized to your business. For example, if your clientele is older & more affluent, new products that deliver strong health & wellness benefits are probably key to driving category sales [...]

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How to Spot Blue Chip New Products? What do best in class manufacturers do to develop winning new products?

During the NFL draft, many NFL organizations are looking for that unrecognized blue chip talent to energize their team. Similarly, many frozen and dairy buyers are looking for blue chip new products that will drive incremental category growth and profits. Here is a systemic way to separate the new product pretenders from the contenders. What [...]

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Merchandising Compliance or Defiance?

My suppliers are threatening to pull their trade promotion funds for display programs because of low store compliance? What can my vendors and I do to improve in-store display execution?   So your vendors are screwing up promotional programs by shipping promotional merchandise late, not being flexible on ad/display date changes, and skimping [...]

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Protect Those Display Funds!

Help! Some suppliers are threatening to pull their trade promotion funds for display programs because of low store compliance. It's not entirely my fault!   You need to get answers to two questions: What is a "reasonable" level of store compliance? And how can you structure display programs that are easier to execute [...]

2018-12-27T13:41:40-05:00November 13th, 2015|Categories: All, Blog|

Hero or Dog

Is the new product that was just presented to you a hero or a dog? Here’s advice to help you decide. What are some hidden risks in new product evaluation? Unless manufacturers have been thorough in their consumer research, a new product may have shortcomings that weren’t identified in testing. Consumers either couldn’t articulate these [...]

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Winsights Marketing LLC launches new website

For Immediate Release Winsights Marketing LLC launches new website Website features tips on how to build a consumer brand on a shoestring budget using Discovery Marketing tactics. Tampa Bay, FL, (PRWEB) 1, October, 2015—Winsights Marketing LLC, a marketing consultancy to the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, is pleased to announce the launch of a newly [...]

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Event Marketing: The Martha White Story

The following is an except from Kevin Janiga's new book. - Chapter 5 - In 1899, Richard Lindsey named his company's finest flour for his three-year-old daughter. Since then, Martha White Foods has been producing quality grain-based products, including flour, corn meal, grits and baking mixes. After Richard Lindsey made his famous business decision, Royal [...]

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