Winsights Marketing, LLC is a marketing consultancy based in Tampa Bay, Florida. We target our services primarily to small and medium size consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. Winsights Marketing has positioned itself as “Your On Demand Marketing Department”, providing all the functionality of a corporate marketing department, but with greater nimbleness and lower costs. Our business model is geared toward the increasing need for senior level marketing expertise with short time horizons and limited budgets.

What Makes Winsights Marketing Different?

Most marketing consulting firms only provide strategic direction, but leave it to the client to deal with the execution details. We are different. Not only do we provide comprehensive strategic planning through our proprietary DIEM process, we will work alongside your team to execute the strategy.

Winsights Marketing understands the harsh realities of the marketplace, so we don’t provide recommendations that sound good on paper but will never work in the real world. Our point of difference is the ability to meld sound strategic planning with executable tactical plans that leverage your firm’s internal capabilities.

Our Approach

Winsights Marketing takes a disciplined approach when tackling a new marketing project for a client.
We have a developed a proprietary process called DIEM to dissect a business challenge and reveal alternative solutions.

The DIEM framework follows a four step sequence that includes:

  1. Discovery – Conduct a 360 degree exploration of the business by utilizing primary and secondary data, internal management feedback, customer interviews, retail market audits, and competitive benchmarking,
  2. Innovation – Identify the most lucrative paths for growth that can be realized within client’s existing internal capabilities and resources. Provide ideas and recommendations that leverage the company’s unique products, services, and intellectual property,
  3. Execution – Provide a go to market strategy and tactical plan that outlines specific action plans and timing for expansion of the business as well as the resources required to be successful,
  4. Measurement – Identify key performance indicators (KPI’s) to gauge company’s progress in achieving the outlined plan.

Winsights Marketing DIEM Model

Brands We’ve Worked On

Winsights Marketing Brand Experience

Our Founder

Kevin Janiga is President & Founder of Winsights Marketing, LLC, a marketing consultancy that specializes in helping small and medium size consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies reach their full potential. Kevin has 30 years of sales, marketing, brand management, and general management experience with Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller, more entrepreneurial firms. Our service offering focuses on Planning, Innovation, and Business Optimization.

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Kevin Janiga, Founder, Winsights Marketing LLC

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