How to Spot Blue Chip New Products? (Part 2)

What should I be looking for in a new product?

Most major food manufacturers are developing new products based along three strategic platforms:

  1. Health & Wellness
  2. Convenience
  3. Indulgence

As a buyer, these platforms should be prioritized to your business. For example, if your clientele is older & more affluent, new products that deliver strong health & wellness benefits are probably key to driving category sales & profits. Conversely, if you have younger, more time pressed clientele, new products that provide enhancements in convenience are going to deliver better results. Indulgence or intensely flavored products tend to do well in accounts that cater to a large ethnic population. Just remember – great taste is the ante to any successful new product

“How to Spot Blue Chip New Products?” series…


Kevin Janiga, Founder, Winsights Marketing LLCKevin Janiga is president of Winsights Marketing, a Tampa, FL-based marketing, sales, and strategic planning firm. It specializes in helping small and medium sized CPG food and beverage manufacturers develop winning new products and marketing communication programs. Call (813) 635-6013 today.

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